Accounts Payable- Planning,
Organizing & Achieving Best Practice

10 – 12 August 2022 Sandton Centre Jhb - South Africa,

28 - 30 September 2022 Windhoek - Namibia

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Public R13, 999.00

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Virtual R8, 999.00

Public R13, 999.00,

Virtual R8, 999.00,


This Accounts Payable training course provides businesses and other organizations with a strong sense of where they stand against industry leaders and shows them how to take their services and organizational processes to state-of-the-art levels.

This training aims to refine learners’ knowledge of the accounts payable department’s building blocks, to enable them to take a healthy lead in the management of AP and implement successful AP accounting techniques. Attendees will examine AP processes and operations, including conducting annual audits, processing checks, handling invoices, and harnessing technology in the organization.

Learners will also learn how to integrate best practices in AP management and transform the AP department into an active business partner. It will provide a real-world practical context by incorporating worked examples and case studies that delegates will see how theory applies in practice and can discuss the various issues raised.

Program objectives

By attending this course, delegates will understand:

  • The importance of the accounts payable function with regard to its links with the supply chain and cash flow
  • The integrated systems of purchase order processing, stock (inventory) control, purchase ledger and cash payments and their links with the general ledger
  • How to effectively manage cash and working capital to reduce costs and improve cash flow
  • The impact of risk and uncertainty on the business and its impact on accounts payable and cash flow
  • How leading companies from across the globe are achieving best practice in Accounts Payable
  • Apply tools and techniques in Microsoft Excel to effectively manage and monitor AP performance

Who Should Attend:

  • Finance Executives and Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Account officer
  • Accounts Payable Managers
  • Accounts Payable Supervisors
  • Accounts Payable Personnel
  • Others who are working within accounts payable process or who wish to develop a practical toolkit to complement their existing professional or technical skills


While both In-House and Online training can present with cost-effectiveness and time-efficacy, there are some very specific differences between in-house courses and those based online.
The demand for additional courses by individuals or groups of people is increasing. Still, it depends entirely on the preferences of a person what type of training he or she wants to receive. Online courses and in-house training carry some similarities but they are considered to exhibit some very pivotal differences too. Despite that, both types of learning can be really beneficial for attendees.

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