Advanced Corporate Analysis,
Valuation & Financial Modelling.

Currently offered either In-house or Online

2nd - 4th June 2021

Advanced Corporate Analysis, Valuation & Financial Modelling.

In-house $450.00 | Online $300.00


Turbulent markets have made it clear that standard analysis is sometimes inadequate to truly understanding risk. Unlock the power of advanced financial theory by learning practical implementation in Excel.
Corporate valuation is used for the purposes of investment, M&A or as part of internal measures of financial control. It is extensively applied when companies issue new shares, divest operations or acquire other companies.
This highly practical course will lead you quickly from the basics through to the more advanced valuation methodologies and modeling techniques.

Course Objectives:

  • Building a comprehensive financial model.
  • Understanding business models.
  • Absolute valuation methods DCF, EVA and CFROI.
  • Developing an appropriate cost of capital.
  • Decomposing sources of return.
  • Using comparative valuation measures.
  • Understanding the basics of real options.
  • Dealing with intangibles.

HOW you will benefit:

  • How to build a comprehensive financial model
  • How to analyze and interpret business models
  • Advanced Corporate Finance Model
  • Techniques to develop an appropriate cost of capital
  • How to use comparative valuation measures
  • The basics of real options
  • How to deal with intangibles

Targeted Groups:

  • Equity research professionals
  • Corporate Financial Officers
  • GM/VP/AVP/Manager M & A
  • CFOs, Treasurers and Senior Finance Executives
  • Executives of M&A Team
  • Directors of Strategic Planning
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Portfolio Managers -Corporate Restructuring

Our team is ready to work with your organization to confirm its business purpose, review current operations and create an implementable and aligned plan for immediate implementation.

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