Advanced Metering Infrastructure
(AMI) For Water Utilities

15 – 19 July 2024
Sandton Centre Johannesburg South Africa

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) For Water Utilities

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Course overview:

Water utilities are continually looking for ways to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their customers. AMI provides a unique opportunity for water utilities to meet those needs while saving money, improving utility operations, and enhancing conservation opportunities.

AMI implementation can be challenging because, unlike many other utility projects, it is a “system of systems.” This means that many groups and IT/OT systems within the utility must work together to achieve a successful outcome. Metering, Customer Service, Billing, Engineering, and Information Technology all play an important part in implementing an AMI system. In addition, excellent customer engagement and organizational change management are critical success factors.

This course will walk you through all these aspects of implementing an AMI project to achieve success; special discounts apply for groups of 5 or more so register your whole team today!

Learning Outcomes

    • Identify the main benefits and costs associated with a water AMI business case
    • Review the basic communication technologies involved in AMI
    • Discuss integration challenges and opportunities between new and existing systems
    • Identify the customer communications improvements available with AMI
    • Address key factors in selecting AMI vendors
    • Discuss the Business Process Transformation and associated organizational change necessary to effectively implement AMI
    • Recognize best practices in AMI project implementation and management

Discuss how to leverage AMI assets after deployment

Targeted Audience:

Executives, management and staff from the following utility departments:

    • Metering
    • Engineering
    • Billing
    • Customer Service
    • Information Technology
    • Communications
    • Rates
    • Utility General Management
    • Board/Council Members
    • Municipality Management
    • Any stakeholder involved with a utility considering AMI

Course Outline:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Technology Overview

    • Key Solution Components (Meter/Module, Network, Head End Software, Meter Data Management Software)
    • AMI – Smart Water Network
    • Industry Trends
    • NaaS and SaaS

System Implementation Roadmap

    • Solutions Architecture/Systems Engineering
    • What and When

The Business Case for AMI System Implementation

    • Do you need one?
    • Costs (Products, Services, Support, Internal)
    • Benefits (Tangible, Intangible)
    • Return on Investment (ROI)/Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Case Study

Vendor Selection for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

    • Overall Procurement Strategy
    • Basic Recipe (Strategy, Requirements, Pricing, Evaluation, Shortlist, Selection, Contract Negotiations)
    • Vendor Selection Trends – Request vs. Response
    • Lessons Learned
    • Case Study

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Business Process Transformation

    • Benefit Tiers
    • As-Is/To-Be Process Mapping
    • Lessons Learned
    • Case Study

The Science and Art of AMI System Implementation Success

    • Governance
    • Monitoring and Controlling Schedule and Budget
    • Risk Management and Project Leadership
    • Project Status
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Managing Scope Creep
    • Configuration Control

Transition and Ongoing Operations

    • Pre-Transition Planning
    • Transition Execution
    • Post-Transition Evaluation and Correction

Leveraging AMI as the Foundation

    • Definitions
    • Vendor Perspectives
    • How Perspectives Change

Integration to Other IT Systems

    • Small Data to Big Data
    • Why Integrate
    • How to Integrate

Leveraging the AMI System – Operations

    • Leak Detection – District Metering Areas (DMAs)
    • Pressure/Temperature Monitoring
    • Water Quality Monitoring

Leveraging the AMI System – Customer Communications

    • Customer Portal
    • High Bill Complaint Resolution
    • Customer Leak Detection

Leveraging the AMI System – Rates

    • Demand/Consumption Analysis and Forecasting
    • Rate Programs (Pre-Pay/Time of Use Pricing)

Leveraging the AMI System – Analytics

    • Data Storage
    • Analytics Tools
    • Case Studies

Sharing the AMI Network

    • Use by the Municipality – Street Light Control
    • Use by Other Utilities 3rd party sensors

End of the workshop


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