Cards & Payments Industry
Professional Course

30 August – 02 September 2022
Sandton Centre, Johannesburg South Africa

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Online R9, 999.00

Public R15, 999.00

Online R9, 999.00

Course overview:

The Cards & Payments Industry professional Course is designed to help you understand the dramatic way in which product and payment services have changed. This shift is driven by businesses and consumers as their habits and preferences adapt to new ways of living and working.

The Cards & Payments course provides a comprehensive insight into the end-to-end world of card, payments and Interchange. Key insights from this course will open up your understanding of this this vast, complex ecosystem, for an even greater appreciation of present challenges, emerging trends and new opportunities.

  • Understand the role participants play, and how these are governed and regulated to provide a safe, predictable business environment.
  • Learn how different types of payments suit different segments, which are growing and declining and more based on macro-economics and shifting consumer preferences.
  • Gain inside insight into the sub-industries working behind the scenes to keep e-commerce and the payments economy ticking.
  • Learn how merchant acquiring and issuing works, how the competitive landscape is changing, and the role financial institutions play in this space. Also look at the key players and the revenue and cost flows across card issuing and acquiring and see where the opportunities lie.
  • Learn how 3- and 4-party card schemes differ and grasp the key features of EMV and CUPS and how EMV transaction is processed and more…

Who Should Attend:

While there are no specific pre-requisites to attend this course, the course assumes an elementary understanding or exposure to (at least) some of the basic terms and concepts covered in the outline.

  • Card Operations & ATM/Debit Card, Fraud, Risk & Transaction Processing and EFT/ACH &
  • Line of Business Directors, Heads, Managers & Senior Leaders in card schemes, systems, issuing and/or acquiring
  • Chip & EMV & POS/EPOS/EFT Device & networks specialists, product owners and managers
  • Digital & Mobile Payments & Wallets, Contactless/NFC payments specialists, product owners and managers
  • Card & Fraud Leaders, Managers, Analysts & Specialists
  • Electronic Banking specialist’s leaders and managers.
  • Retail & Electronic Banking Divisional & Business Unit Heads, Leaders & Managers
  • Digital/Mobile/Innovation Experts, Project Managers and SME’s leaders, manager.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Today’s Payments Landscape & The Issuing and Acquiring value chain
Session 2: Cards, Payments and Interchange Networks
Session 3: The Card Schemes (EMV/CUPs) & Payments
Session 4: Cards & Payment Types and Acceptance devices
Session 5: Payment gateways and Payment Services Providers
Session 6: Payments Card Industry (PCI) – Data Security Standard (DISS)
Session 7: Messaging, standards and protocols
Session 8: Device Certification & Best Practices
Session 9: Fraud Management & Loss
Session 10: Open Banking, what to do and how to prepare
Session 11: The mobile money ecosystem *
Session 12: The future of Payments, Acceptance and virtual and crypto currencies*

End of the workshop


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