Conducting an Effective
Human Resource Audit

Human Resource Audit Process
Step by Step Guide

05 – 09 June 2023
Johannesburg - South Africa

Conducting an Effective Human Resource Audit

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Course overview:

HR Audit has gained wide acceptance due to increased focus on the HR to play a more strategic role in the organization.  

Similar to the Finance audit, the HR function also requires regular audit to determine if HR policies, procedures and practices are adequate, legal and effective to support the strategic goals of the organization. The HR function will get into situations that are potential areas of risk from- termination procedures, compensation and benefits, hiring process, record keeping to managers’ non-compliance with the laid down HR procedures, policies and the best practices.  

HR Audit involves intense and objective look at the HR policies, procedures and practices to conduct a comprehensive review of the company’s current HR function state. The results obtained from this review can help identify where gaps exist and remediate these gaps in an effort to minimize regulatory violations and achieve a world-class competitiveness in key HR practice areas. Therefore, HR Audit is a valuable risk mitigation tool in assessing the effectiveness of HR function within the organization. 

This course has been designed to enable you; 

  • Prepare and conduct a step by step a HR Audit to ensure efficient HR function that is aligned with the business strategy and minimize any potential risks. 
  • Create an action plan to improve HR processes, policies and practices in their organization
  • Implement cutting-edge process to ensure a complete legal compliance of your HR function 

Who this course is for:

This training program on the HR Audit Training Course for individuals at all levels in the Human Resources function, Senior management across functions in the organisation and Consultants who are keen to help organisations maximize on their human capital.

  • HR Professionals 
  • Organizational development specialist 
  • Company Auditors 
  • Change Management consultants 
  • Independent HR consultants 
  • Employee Engagement specialists 

Course Outline:

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the HR Audit Certification Training Course: 

Module 1: Importance of HR Audit: 

  • Importance of Human Capital 
  • People and Organisational Goal Alignment 
  • Need for HR to become Business Partners 
  • Track initiatives, Assess and quantify results and devise a roadmap for course correction 
  • Elevating HR Department to World Class 

Module 2: Objectives and Rationale of HR Auditing: 

  • Review all aspects of human resources 
  • Find reasons for success and failures 
  • Evaluate employee performance 
  • Identify and work on the area of improvement 

Module 3: Scope of HR Audit: 

  • People at all levels 
  • Policies and procedures 
  • Results, Achievements and Failures of policies 
  • HR Policies and HR Programmes 

Module 4: Benefits of HR Audit: 

  • Gap Identification 
  • Streamline HR department 
  • Helps Cost reduction 

Module 5: Frequency of HR Audit: 

  • Once a year Vs. Monthly 

Module 6: HR Audit Process 

  • Pre-Audit Information 
  • On-Site Review 
  • Record Review 
  • Audit Report 

Module 7: Approaches to HR Audit: 

  • Comparative Approach 
  • Outside Authority Approach 
  • Statistical Approach 
  • Compliance Approach 
  • Management by Objective 

Module 8: HR Audit Steps: 

  • Determining the scope 
  • Developing a plan 
  • Production of report 
  • Creation of an action plan 
  • Evaluate the progress 

Module 9: Methods: 

  • Individual Interview method 
  • Group Interview Method 
  • Workshop Method 
  • Questionnaire Method 
  • Observation 

Module 10: Major concerns: 

  • HR Recruitment Audit 
  • Employee Discipline Audit 
  • Organisation Development Audit 
  • Analyse each function to identify challenges and things that might hinder 

End of the workshop


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