Corporate Risk Analysis
and Debt Restructuring

15 - 18 March 2022 Sandton Centre, Johannesburg South Africa

20 - 23 June 2022 Dubai

Corporate Risk Analysis and Debt Restructuring.

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Online R9, 999.00

Public R15, 999.00

Online R9, 999.00

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The ongoing crisis is taking its toll on businesses. Loan refinancing and repayment schedules are the way out to prevent the dreaded bankruptcy route.
As risk profiles and positions of debt holders change, creditors can become subject to transition or migration risk and find themselves holding distressed debt. The effects of downward migration range from a credit rating change to outright default or insolvency.
This masterclass will equip participants with know-hows of debt consolidation and how to reach for easy business loans.

Targeted Groups:

  • CEOs and CFOs
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Cost Accountants
  • Commercial, corporate, and investment bankers
  • Credit and equity analysts
  • Hedge fund and private-equity managers
  • Distressed debt investment and management groups
  • Relationship officers/managers
  • Credit officers/managers
  • Restructuring officers

Course Objectives:

  • Identify Early Warning Signals in spotting potential problem loans
  • Identify forward looking signs of stress particularly defects in companies and mistakes made by management.
  • Learning lessons from a number of high-profile problem loan scenarios
  • Review the principal international classifications of problem loans
  • Assess the key methods that can be applied to successfully restructuring debt facilities
  • Being able to identify the optimum restructuring strategy given the problem loan circumstances
  • Apply the IFC framework to the management of the restructuring process
  • Identify triggers in deciding whether to work out or to foreclose on the problem client
  • How to avoid ‘Extend and Pretend’ and knowing when the Organisational restructuring is essential.
  • Optimum application of the Independent Business Review in completing a success organisational restructuring
  • Apply the ‘Standstill’ process in controlling the credit recovery process
  • Apply the Standstill Agreement and the cooperation of the other creditors
  • Applying different debt restructuring scenarios to a workshop case study financial model.

Our team is ready to work with your organization to confirm its business purpose, review current operations and create an implementable and aligned plan for immediate implementation.

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