Customer Care and Sales Management
How to Increase Sales by Focusing on Customer Service

25-27 March 2020 Kigali - Rwanda
01-03 July 2020 Dodoma - Tanzania

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In a world where the customer is in control, happy customers are the secret to growth. That’s why your customer service team has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your sales team.

This Customer Service training seminar on Beyond Customer Service is designed to give customer service professionals the communication skills, technology tools, and best practices they require to build strong customer relationships and develop a customer-centric organisation. Becoming customer-centric is one of the most important aims of any organisation. Customer centricity refers to the orientation of a company to the needs and behaviours of its customers, rather than internal drivers such as the quest for short-term profit. Customers have high expectations and demand quality customer service from companies they choose to do business with. Providing customer service excellence gives an organisation a competitive advantage in the marketplace and is the key factor that keeps customers coming back.

Today, customers have an increasing range of choice: choice of supplier, choice of channel, choice of products and services. Their loyalty is determined by the quality of the experience they receive. Delegates will learn effective customer-centric strategies and best practices to provide world-class customer service excellence. Successful organisations understand the importance of developing a customer-centric mindset and deliberately restructure their customer service model to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

  • Develop a strategy to build a more proactive, customer-centric organisation
  • Analyse and implement the ‘best practices’ of world-class customer service organisations
  • Utilize interpersonal skills as vital tools in the provision of customer service
  • Measure and assess how well customer service standards and objectives are being achieved
  • Enhanced communication, persuasion, and conflict resolution skills
  • A shared organisational customer-centric service vision
  • Enhanced professional image with customer base
  • Increased customer retention and revenue growth
  • Improved intra / inter departmental communication and teamwork
  • A highly motivated and customer-focused workforce

Targeted Audience

  • Customer service managers,
  • Frontline employees/customer service desk,
  • Administrators/secretaries,
  • Hotel workers,
  • Bank tellers,
  • Tour guides/drivers,
  • Line Managers, Air crew,
  • Sales people and all employees with direct customer interactions.

After attending this course, you will acquire:

  • An increased appreciation for their role in helping their organisation achieve customer service excellence
  • Up-to-date techniques and methods to help them provide world-class customer service
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills required to excel in their career
  • Increased confidence in their abilities to work professionally with difficult or upset customers
  • Improved management performance by learning techniques to empower, motivate, and retain customer service personnel
  • Improved time management skills to become more productive

Course Outline

Responding to the Voice of the Customer

  • What do your customers expect?
  • Serving Internal and External Customers
  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills
  • How to Read your Customer’s Body Language?
  • Understanding the Four Customer Types

Value-Driven Project Management

  • Value Modelling and Value Metrics
  • Metric Characteristics, Selection, Training and Management
  • Project Scope Planning – Work Breakdown Structures
  • Schedule Planning – Build and Optimize Project Timeline
  • Cost Planning – Estimation and Construction of the Project Budget

Developing a Top-Down Customer-Centric Culture

  • Creating a Customer Service Vision and Strategy
  • Steps for Implementing a Customer-centric Service Model
  • The Best and Worst Customer Service Providers
  • Most Admired Leadership Traits
  • Examples of World-class Customer Service Organisations

Going the Extra Mile to Provide Customer Service Excellence

  • The Power of a Positive Attitude
  • Is your team ready for take-off?
  • Presenting a Professional Appearance
  • How to Use Customer Service to Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty?
  • Brainstorming for Ideas to improve the “customer experience”

Measuring and Monitoring Customer Service Satisfaction

  • Why is measuring customer satisfaction important?
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Measuring and Monitoring
  • Techniques for Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Best Practices for Processing Customer Service Issues
  • Service Recovery Strategies to Maintain Customer Loyalty
  • The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

Leading the Way to Superior Customer Service!

  • Setting SMART Goals for Continuous Improvement
  • Building Employee and Team Motivation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Team Members
  • Stress Management Tips and Techniques
  • What is your Action Plan?

Managing Sales Team for Results

  • Understanding the difference between the management vs leadership role
  • Build a positive, engaged and self-directed sales team
  • Time management to radically improve personal and team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Smarter approaches to hiring, onboarding, training and coaching
  • Scientific approaches to incentivising & motivating groups within sales teams

Building Metrics-Focused & Process-Driven Sales Team

  • Acumen and skills-focused training providing strategies necessary for building a metrics-focused, results-producing sales team.
  • Uncover the sales engagement process secrets of top performing sales organisations
  • Focus your prospecting through identifying the ‘best opportunity to win’
  • The impact of your sales cycle length and sales activities on your pipeline
  • Tactics to improve the reliability and accuracy of forecasting

Whilst BMK Training has core courses which we offer on an international basis to both companies and individuals, we also recognise that from time to time, your company may have specific training requirements that cannot be satisfied in a public training environment.

We can bring our Training/workshops directly to your workplace or we will customize training to meet your specific needs ensuring effectiveness in achieving real performance improvement.
If you have 8 or more delegates then, in house training can be of a greater advantage for your organization.

Advantages of in-house training include:

  • Cost savings up to 50% of the training expenses with more effective group training.
  • Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as trainers will usually sign confidentiality agreements.
  • In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another
  • Training is fully-customized for any team, department, or organization

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