Customer Service Training
for Healthcare Workers.

Empower your staff with specialist healthcare
customer care skills to deliver a more professional experience.

12 - 16 December 2022
Millennium Tower - 2,
Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

Customer Service Training for Healthcare Professionals

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Course overview:

Healthcare professionals have many challenges providing satisfactory customer service to patients. One challenge that health care professionals encounter is that patient views are too subjective making them redundant in determining quality customer service and another challenge is the ability of a healthcare provider to understand and view the patient as a customer with service needs other than patient care.

Creating a culture of service excellence requires planning, preparation, and persistence. Customer Service in Health Care is designed to provide managers with the fundamental strategies and skills to start or strengthen a customer service initiative within a health care organization.

This programme concentrates on action as opposed to theory. It offers a practical, step-by-step process for creating a culture shift toward customer service excellence at all levels of an organization, and presents the essentials to improving performance that will bring the individuals closer to the mission, values, and standards.

At the End of this Programme will be able to:

  • Use tools for establishing and measuring customer service team goals
  • Creating customer service standards unique to your organization
  • Strategies for maintaining top-of-mind awareness of customer service among employees
  • Customer service techniques for physicians and nurses
  • An overview of customer service as an essential component of business development and marketing

The course is particularly suitable for:

  • Healthcare professionals and administrators who intend to play a vital role as customer service senior leaders at their organizations.
  • Hospital managers who would like to augment and consolidate their managerial capabilities.
  • Healthcare customer service managers who set standards of excellence for customer service at their healthcare organization.

Program outline:

This course consists of 11 modules and a Project Work.

Module 1: Customer Service Relation to Health Care Business Development

Module 2: The Modern Healthcare Consumer

Module 3: Leading toward a Health Care Corporate Culture of Service Excellence

Module 4: Creating a Customer Service Team and a Team Mission Statement

Module 5: Patients’, Employees’ and Medical Staff’s Perspectives

Module 6: Creating Standards for Customer Service Performance

Module 7: Goals, Training Tactics, and Objectives Management Training

Module 8: The Role of the Nurse in Influencing Patient Perceptions

Module 9:  Managing conflict and dealing with difficult people & situations

Module 10: Negative Public Perception of Healthcare service

Module 11: Health Care Departmental Action Plans

End of the workshop


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