Developing Effective Directors In
A Global Context

Currently offered as an In-house Training.



This is our flagship course in corporate governance and is a unique educational experience that aims to develop effective directors for the global business scene. Today’s supervisory boards have to contend with a host of new pressures, challenges and risks in addition to evaluating the performance of the CEO and senior executives. They must therefore set the company’s strategic direction, often across diverse product markets and geographies, and monitor the firm’s risk profile.

Set within an international context that is unique in director education, this programme offers practical and tested frameworks and tools to sharpen judgment and decision-making skills. It also augments the oversight abilities of directors seeking to boost their existing competencies or to be better prepared for new board mandates. In three focused modules, you will master strategies for the following fundamental areas: board effectiveness and dynamics; board decision-making and oversight; and director effectiveness and development.


  • Board operations:
    Understand the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come with a board mandate.
  • Knowledge and competencies:
    Gain an overview of the knowledge and competencies expected from directors in today’s environment
  • Director-specific skills:
     Develop the specialised skills that contribute to the creation of an effectively performing board culture
  • Ability to challenge executives:
    Enhance your ability to challenge executives through positive exchanges

Suitable for :-

  • Board of Directors
  • CEO’s and Managing Directors
  • COOs,
  • CFOs and other C-suite executives,

Whilst BMK Training has core courses which we offer on an international basis to both companies and individuals, we also recognise that from time to time, your company may have specific training requirements that cannot be satisfied in a public training environment.

We can bring our Training/workshops directly to your workplace or we will customize training to meet your specific needs ensuring effectiveness in achieving real performance improvement. If you have 8 or more delegates then, in house training can be of a greater advantage for your organization.
Advantages of in-house training include:
  • Cost savings up to 50% of the training expenses with more effective group training.
  • Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as trainers will usually sign confidentiality agreements.
  • In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another
  • Training is fully-customized for any team, department, or organization
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