Digital Customer Service Management

18-22 May 2020 Kigali - Rwanda
20 – 24 July 2020 Dar-es salaam - Tanzania

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Social networks and digital channels have changed customer behaviours, raising their expectations dramatically. They want to have conversations with brands via social networks, instant messaging and chat apps and expect fast and effective resolutions to their issues. Consequently, time and effort have become the two main drivers by which customers measure a brand’s ability to deliver great or bad experiences.

Service is indeed the new battlefield on which customer loyalty needs to be won. For brands, this is a challenge but also a unique opportunity to transform customer service from an after-sales unit into a profit centre. In fact, by delivering outstanding experiences, brands can stand out from their competitors without the need to lower prices.

The key is to seamlessly integrate digital channels while properly training staff members, which implies handling a set of processes and disciplines known as digital customer service. Although more and more brands are investing in it, those that have been successful have been able to consistently measure and control every step of this digital itinerary. This executive course will enable you to smoothly manage this crucial transformation of your customer service and, ultimately, of your whole business.


This course will build and train ‘Digital Customer Service Managers’—brand new professionals with the digital skills needed to transform customer service from a cost a to profit centre within their organizations.

Main operational goals:

  • Increasing customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Gaining customer productivity from customer service staff
  • Taking advantage of digital channels to lower the average cost per interaction


Seamlessly integrating digital channels (social networks, apps and chats) into customer service/call-centres

Targeted Audience

The course is aimed at those who wish to acquire a specific competency in digital customer service management:

  • Customer service/call-centre managers or supervising directors
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Graduates in communication sciences, marketing, and public relations interested in acquiring specific skills to successfully integrate social networks and apps into customer service

Course Outline

Introduction to the course

  • The evolution of customer service channels
  • The revolution of online conversations
  • Who social/mobile customers are and what they expect from you
  • The new battlefield: from price to service
  • Social Customer Service (SCS): main strategic and operational goals
  • Why I should integrate digital channels into my customer service/ call centre
  • The pillars of an effective SCS
  • Workshop with videos, case studies, exercises

How to strategically leverage Customer service

  • Learning the customer’s omni-channel journey
  • The role of the customer experience in online conversations
  • The three customer experience dimensions
  • KPIs: finding the perfect mix to align business goals and customer satisfaction
  • How to protect your brand reputation by managing tricky online conversations
  • Email is not dead: how to optimize the use of traditional channels

The call-centre digital metamorphosis: from cost centre to omni-channel hub

  • How to choose and integrate social networks, instant messaging apps, live chatrooms
  • The identikit of the Digital Customer Service manager (skills/abilities)
  • Getting top management onboard
  • Leading a successful digital customer service team
  • The role of internal communication

Building a digital customer service hub

  • Setting goals
  • Active listening (social listening)
  • How to choose digital channels (Focus on social media, apps, chatrooms)
  • How to hire the best staff for your digital customer service team
  • How to train your team
  • Social media policies and guidelines
  • How to choose your KPIs
  • The must-haves of an omni-channel platform
  • The ROI of Social Customer Service
  • [Live testimonial] A brand telling its successful SCS story
  • Workshop: Exercises, Omni-channel platform provider, Testimonial case study

Focus on instant messaging apps

  • Dos & Don’ts in chat assistance
  • The rocking duo: app + chat bot
  • Structure of an interaction via chat bot
  • How to instruct a chat bot
  • From virtual to human agent (defining escalation criteria)
  • [Case study in the classroom] testimony CEO integrated platform app and chat bot
  • Workshop: Exercises, Testimonial case study

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