Fintech and the Fundamentals
of Blockchain for Finance.

14 – 17 March 2022 Dubai

11 – 14 April 2022 Cape Town, South Africa,

05 - 08 July 2022 Sandton Centre Johannesburg, South Africa

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Online R9, 999.00

Public R15, 999.00

Online R9, 999.00

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Fintech, like many other tech-oriented industries, is constantly evolving. There are new finance apps that are seemingly cropping up on a daily basis, offering bold new approaches to the managing and processing of payments. While this industry has been constantly growing, the arrival of blockchain technology threatens to bring an unprecedented level of disruption to finance technology. 

Although synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain’s use cases are continually expanding into new areas of finance, as well as the healthcare, retail, entertainment and transport industries. 

Blockchain essentially exists as an immutable block. With the technology, it’s possible to develop an entire ecosystem of fintech apps. Blockchain technology can transform regular financial processes into entirely transparent procedures built on secure and efficient transactions. 

Who Should Attend:

    • Professionals seeking to get deep information about blockchain and fintech
    • Professionals who have an interest in emerging technologies and their applications in finance and banking
    • Start-up founders willing to explore new ideas to deploy blockchain and Fintech solutions
    • Technical professionals including those in IT, Finance, Banking and Business development


This course is developed for professionals who desire to gain an understanding on the technology used by financial agencies (Fintech) and how this ecosystem operates. Participants will learn to understand the primary pillars of the banking system, understand the strengths and weakness of the current form of banking and understand how blockchain and finance has created a disruption in the traditional financial industry. In addition, they will be introduced to the blockchain ecosystem and how the technology revolutionises the way business will be conducted in the future.

Training Course Content:

Fintech and Disruptive Finance

    • Introduction of Fintech
    • Alternative Finance
    • What is Cryptocurrency and why is it considered disruptive?
    • What are digital tokens?
    • The future of fintech

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) in Finance

    • Machine learning in finance
    • Robo-advisors for portfolio management
    • AI for fraud detection
    • AI and ML for Risk Management
    • Smart contracts in finance

The Blockchain Ecosystem

    • Users, Investors, developers and Miners
    • Application Layer
    • Services Layer
    • Semantics Layer
    • Network, nodes and Infrastructure Layer

Digital Banking and Blockchain Technology

    • Online & Mobile Banking
    • Introduction to Blockchain and the ISO 20022 standard
    • Public & Private Ledgers
    • Network effects and cost reduction from blockchain technology
    • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The Future of Blockchain Technology for Banking & Business

    • DeFi (Decentralised finance)
    • Trustless and Costless Verification to the “last-mile” issue
    • Tokenomics – benefits and cost for business implementation
    • Blockchain and the challenges of Implementation
    • Blockchain solutions to solve problems for your organisation

End of the Workshop


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