Fixed Assets Management and Project Accounting Workshop


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While the global asset management industry has grown with double digits in the past four years, the sector faces several key changes in its immediate future, including regulatory pressures and a rise in digital-leveraging competitors

Maximize your assets and protect your organization’s investments with fixed asset accounting skills and Project Accounting.

Managing the Fixed Asset in a large organization is challenging and in many cases an afterthought. This raises serious issues when auditors try and measure the veracity of the Fixed Assets Registrar and the entries

In this fixed asset accounting seminar you will learn to maximize your bottom line by discovering everything you need to know about your company’s assets: what assets you have and where they are located how to make sure they are fully utilized how to reap the maximum tax benefits and how to accurately assess their current value in today’s economy. 

The workshop is also designed to improve the ability of participants to understand project costing techniques, project status and metrics development and project financial reporting; Participants will be exposed to current trends and tools used to evaluate project summaries, project progress, analyzing project variances and ensuring a profitable revenue stream. Don’t miss this highly informative workshop


  • Identify the sub-processes of the accounting, fixed assets, and inventory processes 
  • Determine the risk areas of the accounting, fixed assets, and inventory processes 
  • Design effective internal controls for the accounting, fixed assets, and inventory processes 
  • Ascertain control objectives to be met by the designed internal controls 
  • Evaluate control weaknesses and design effective internal controls for given scenarios
  • Identify and implement fixed asset maintenance requirements
  • Monitor and evaluate asset usage Increase their depth of knowledge in key areas of project accounting
  • Calculate project-to-date totals in several ways
  • Provide a complete financial picture of all project costs for one or many projects
  • Measure project performance accurately
  • Track project financial performance and variances
  • Evaluate project variance management activities and the success of corrective actions
  • Estimate and update budget projections against incurred costs and revenues
  • Define the number and types of budgets required based on the project type

Targeted Audience

  • Project Accountant
  • Municipal Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Accounting officer
  • Senior Administrator
  • Project Accountants and Analysts
  • Budget Accountants and Analysts
  • State sector oversight personnel
  • Event management resources and managers
  • Audit Managers in Public and Private Sector
  • Audit Supervisors
  • Senior Audit Staff
  • Chief Accountant
  • Finance Managers
  • Asset Clerks
  • Accountants, 
  • Controllers, 
  • managers of fixed assets, 
  • Divisional plant managers and all executives with two years or less of experience in fixed asset accounting.

Whilst BMK Training has core courses which we offer on an international basis to both companies and individuals, we also recognise that from time to time, your company may have specific training requirements that cannot be satisfied in a public training environment.

We can bring our Training/workshops directly to your workplace or we will customize training to meet your specific needs ensuring effectiveness in achieving real performance improvement.
If you have 8 or more delegates then, in house training can be of a greater advantage for your organization.

Advantages of in-house training include:

  • Cost savings up to 50% of the training expenses with more effective group training.
  • Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as trainers will usually sign confidentiality agreements.
  • In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another
  • Training is fully-customized for any team, department, or organization

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