Health and Medical Tourism.

12-16 December 2022 - Millennium Tower - 2, Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania
23-27 January 2023 - Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa

Health and Medical Tourism

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Course overview:

The Medical tourism or Medical Value Travel and Wellness industry throughout the world is growing at a fast rate. The medical tourism industry is approximated to have a value of USD 53.51 bn in 2022 and a 32.5% annual growth rate, with approximately 14,000,000 customers worldwide. Countries and hospitals that offer high-quality healthcare services at affordable and highly competitive prices are taking a higher share of the health tourism market.

This training will address the medical tourism infrastructure requirements to be successful in this growing and extremely competitive industry. A hands-on approach will guide you through these critical elements of medical tourism.

Five critical threats that all medical centres in medical tourism businesses face today:

  • Increase top line revenues through medical tourism
  • Grow market share in this highly competitive market
  • Attract & coordinate patients based on unique selling proposition
  • Optimize business processes to reduce medical tourism related costs
  • Create long term medical tourism business sustainability

Course Objectives:

  • National strategies and countries’ best practices towards medical tourism
  • Medical Tourism barriers and challenges
  • International organizations – International market – Opinion makers
  • Medical services ethical and legal principles- special issues in medical tourism
  • Cross-border health care and quality
  • Patients’ rights-international codes of practice
  • International patients’ care cycle – Medical tourism ecosystem
  • Involvement of intermediaries and facilitators
  • Needs and management practices for health tourists/medical tourists, sensitive travellers and travellers with Special Needs
  • Quality and safety assurances for the health/medical tourist
  • Quality criteria and suitability of the healthcare and tourism services’ providers
  • Marketing concepts, Branding and Health Marketing
  • The 7 Ps of Marketing Strategies for Promoting Medical Tourism
  • Market entry strategies in medical tourism

Targeted Audience:

  • Policy-makers and planners from health ministries and authorities
  • Healthcare marketing, communications, advertising and PR managers
  • Directors, executives and managers from large healthcare organisations
  • Owner-managers of independent hospitals, health centres and clinics
  • Medical tourism operators and facilitators already working in medical tourism
  • Medical centres and clinics interested to explore medical tourism
  • Practicing doctors and dentists who wish to cooperate with the international clinics, to learn the business and marketing
  • Insurance companies interested to learn what is involved in adding a medical tourism.
  • Private and legal entities and investors interested to evaluate potential start-ups or investments in ongoing medical tourism

Course Outline:

Part 1

Fundamentals of Wellness and Medical Tourism (Medical Value Travel)

  • Underlying fundamentals and opportunities in Wellness and Medical Tourism
  • Best practices, growth enablers and learning in MVT

The Role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator

  • Create strong relationships with accredited doctors, hospitals, and clinics and have attractive destinations to promote to potential customers who want to travel for healthcare.
  • Understand what a medical tourism facilitator’s role is and how facilitators do their job effectively.
  • Lean how to provide the best service to your clients.

Part 2

You will be introduced to the programme by briefly exploring what marketing is, why it matters in healthcare and why we approach it as we do.

Value Exploration

  • Learn how marketing managers carefully research their healthcare ‘marketplace’ and capture insights into both the broad environmental factors that affect it
  • The behaviour of customers (which is much easier for a manager to influence).
  • Learn how to analyse and deal with competitors.

 Value Creation

  • Discover how to use these market insights to develop a marketing strategy that will enable your healthcare organisation to compete successfully in your chosen markets.
  • Learn how to create a valuable healthcare brand and build patient loyalty.

Value Delivery

  • In this part of the programme that we will look, in depth, at each element of the marketing mix that is used to create and deliver value to the patient.

Value Communication,

  • Design effective marketing communications that inform, persuade and remind healthcare consumers, directly or indirectly
  • Digital marketing techniques that healthcare providers are adopting to reach both new and existing customers

Marketing metrics

  • The key performance indicators healthcare organisations should use to measure the impact and effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Part 3

What Motivates Traveling Patients?

  • Positive and negative perceptions patients have about medical travel
  • Understand critical aspects a medical tourist considers before planning or traveling to another country for medical care.

Medical Travel Broken Down into Steps

  • Key factors that you need to follow when coordinating medical journeys for patients.

Creating the Best Patient Experience

  • When does the patient experience start? Some facilitators make the mistake of believing the patient experience or customer experience begins when the patient arrives at the destination or the overseas hospital. Learn what it means to provide a great patient experience.

Risk Management & Contract Guidelines

  • Learn different ways to protect yourself and your business by putting risk management systems in place.

Communicating Effectively with Prospects

  • Learn how to turn prospects into loyal customers.

After Care and Continuum of Care

  • Continuum of Care ensures that a patient receives the same high-quality, reliable medical care, even when it involves transitioning between medical care centres and change of caregivers. Learn how you can assist in this process.

Dental Tourism – Trends, Growth, and Statistics

  • Did you know that people in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and others are saving between 50 to 80% by visiting dentists in other countries? Find out how to attract these individuals to your destination. 

End of the workshop


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