Hydraulic Modelling for Water
Utility Distribution Systems

Certified for 5 CPD Points

12 – 16 August 2024 Sandton Centre
Johannesburg South Africa

Hydraulic Modelling for Water Utility Distribution Systems

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Course overview:

Course Overview

Water distribution networks are crucial for supplying water for residential areas, hospitals, educational institutions, industrial zones, commercial areas, and for firefighting purposes. This hydraulic modelling for water utility distribution systems training course provides participants with a greater working expertise and understanding of water distribution system.

This Hydraulic Modelling for Water Utility Distribution Systems training course will present concepts and tools to analyse and design water distribution networks. Topics covered will include fundamental hydraulic principles and overview of the design standards of water distributions systems.

This Hydraulic Modelling for Water Utility Distribution Systems training course will highlight:

    • Understanding principle of hydraulics 
    • Hydraulic network analysis
    • Model network development
    • Model validation and improvement
    • Water supply and water demand projection
    • Mass balance and demand per capita
    • Conceptual model calibration

Course Objectives:

At the end of this Hydraulic Modelling for Water Utility Distribution Systems training course, participants will learn to:

    • Understand hydraulic principles
    • Collect hydraulic data
    • Evaluate the hydraulic losses in the piping network system
    • Select the suitable pumps
    • Identify model assumptions
    • Develop and optimize the hydraulic model
    • Validate the developed model
    • Improve the model
    • Apply the model for some cases
    • Assess water quality within the distribution system

Targeted Audience:

This Hydraulic Modelling for Water Utility Distribution Systems training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

    • Engineering and Public Works Directors
    • City Engineers
    • Water Distribution System Managers
    • Infrastructure Managers
    • Consulting Engineers

Course Outline:

Hydraulic Principles

    • Introduction
    • Review of continuity, momentum, and energy equations
    • Total grade line and hydraulic grade line
    • Friction and minor loss expressions, flow through single pipes, pipes in series and parallel
    • Pumps classification and performance

Problem Identification  

    • System distribution layout
    • Water demand profile
    • System location
    • Water supply resource

System Design   

    • Distribution system planning
    • Pipeline design
    • Distribution and transmission system valves
    • Pumps selection
    • Hydraulic design of water distribution tanks
    • Water quality in storage

Hydraulic Model

    • Model parameters
    • Pressure driven analysis
    • Demand driven analysis
    • Leakage modelling
    • Model validation
    • Hydraulic network model calibration

Monitoring Tools

    • Leakage detection and control module
    • Water quality module
    • Pump and reservoir optimization module
    • Pressure optimization module
    • Pressure control Module
    • Case studies

End of the workshop


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