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With BMK - In house Training

Whilst BMK Training has core courses which we offer on an international basis to both companies and individuals, we also recognize that from time to time, your company may have specific training requirements that cannot be satisfied in a public training environment.

In-house training can offer a cost effective and convenient solution that provides a safe environment where organization specific issues can be explored and discussed in confidence. We work closely with our clients to help choose the correct training solution, and select experienced trainers to fit with each organization’s unique requirements and work ethic.

As time is changing, so is our training approach. We have adopted a flexible practical format that allows us to tackle real time challenges and become part of the development of industry specific solutions. Our training team will assist with your implementation, showing how it is done!

Let us know what is your diverse training need and we will make sure your organization receive right training to fulfil your organization growth strategies.

Our training manager and course designers, are working hard to provide a COMPREHENSIVE learning experience. They are keeping in mind that learning does not start and stop with the training session. This has helped BMK to be able to take care of all the stages of learning transfer: before, during, and after training. 

What are the advantages of choosing the in-house training option?

Save money and time: If six or more people need training on the same topic, you can save 20-60% over public seminar costs by bringing BMK Training in-house. Since your training is held at your convenience and at the location of your choice, your employees save travel costs and don’t waste valuable time away from the office.
Get focused content: Choose an existing course from the BMK catalogue combine modules for a tailored approach; or let us custom-design your course. Your training can target the most current trends and technologies affecting your organization and industry. Confidentiality is ensured, so you can tackle department hot buttons in private.
Learn from the best: All BMK instructors are expert practitioners who are your subject-matter consultants while they are at your location. Your training is backed up with BMK’s solid industry experience and reputation.

How can you make it happen?

Let us know:

  • What would you like the course to focus on?
  • Where would you like the training to take place and when?
  • How many members of your team would you like to train?
  • What level of experience does your team have?
Our team is ready to work with you to find the perfect solution to your training needs.
Please feel free to contact us at your convenience:

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