Instrumentation & Field Instruments

Certified for 3 CPD Points (ECSA).

25 - 27 August 2021


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Online R 6,999.00

Course overview:

This training course will ensure that your engineers and technicians gain the highest level of process Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing knowledge and skills. It will also develop skilled maintenance professionals who understand operating principles and capabilities of process instrumentation and know-how to install, commission, service, operate, and troubleshoot field process instruments.
This training course will highlight:
  • Definitions of Process Measuring and Control Instrumentation
  • Setting up Process transmitters, Digital Indicators, Gauges, and Switches to measure pressure, flow, level, temperature, and analytical
  • Process control loops and “P&ID” process and instrumentation diagrams
  • Installation, Wiring, Calibration, and Configuration of Field Instruments
  • Servicing and troubleshooting field instruments
  • Course Objectives:

    • Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing
    • Learning the major process variables (Temperature, Level Pressure Flow, Analytical) controlled in the Process Industry
    • Describe the types of petrochemical and refining industry drawings
    • Designing field process control loops and the elements that are found in different types of loops, such as controllers, regulators, and final control elements.
    • Applying practical skills for testing, maintaining, and modifying process field instruments (Smart electronic and pneumatic)

    Who Should Attend:

    • All instrumentation and control personnel
    • General maintenance personnel
    • Plant managers and supervisors
    • Control and instrumentation technicians and engineers
    • Contract Technicians as well as Sales and Service Representatives

    End of the workshop


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