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As technology continued to advance, Corporate Learning and Development have been changed for the better and so is our training approach. Our Facilitators are now able to transfer concepts and knowledge to participants in real-time through Live Streaming.

With global employee collaboration and connectivity on the rise, live streaming has increasingly become one of the premier platforms for learning and development programs. Organizations are looking to meet the L&D needs of an increasingly diverse workforce, and live streaming is a cost-effective and engaging way to achieve that.

Live streaming has so many capabilities and will turn your employee training into less of a chore and more of an engaging and enjoyable experience, take note of our tried and tested events and book your training today.

Research Confirms Video and Live Streaming Improves
Learning Results

Is video and Live Streaming really better when it comes to information retention, education, and overall experience? Survey says: Yes!

    • Change the way participants learn
    • Boost attendance
    • Increase the chances for success
    • Influence learning outcomes and the overall participant’s experience

The benefit of Live Stream Training Programs

    • Reaching a larger audience and improving engagementLive streaming opens the door to a far larger audience than you could otherwise expect to reach. And these benefits don’t end when the live stream does. 
    • While pre-recorded footage is very effective indeed, holding live training sessions introduces an element of interactivity. During the session, employees can ask questions and interact with the instructor and/or other colleagues. This makes for a more connected experience, leading to a better understanding
    • Interactive platforms are now generating more feedback and data collection than traditional training courses because users have the ability to choose a variety of paths and options. These data can be used to improve courses, looking at insights such as how many learners hesitate when a new option is introduced, or the average time it takes to complete a question or module. These insights allow organizations to further understand the needs of their workforce, leading to increased personalized development in the future.  
    • Aside from the live stream itself, businesses can record the broadcast and upload it onto a platform such as YouTube. This allows people who couldn’t tune into the live training to watch it at a later date. 
    • Reduced costs mean increased revenues. The time and money saved allows you to spend more time and resources growing your brand and promoting your products
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