Mastering Mobile Banking.

Innovation, Technology, Strategy & Partnerships

05 – 08 July 2022 Sandton Centre, Johannesburg South Africa

19 – 23 September 2022 - Dubai - UAE

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Online R9, 999.00

Public R15, 999.00

Online R9, 999.00

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Course overview:

Mobile Banking has revolutionized financial transactions. This is why banks must constantly adapt the way they operate to accommodate the speed of technological advances. In this environment, staying up to date with the latest developments is more important than ever. What’s more, low-cost, Mobile-only Digital Banks are putting even more pressure on banks to engage and retain different segments.

This course will take you on a comprehensive 4-day ‘deep-dive’ into the latest Mobile developments. This includes recent Case Studies and examples from relevant markets. The Mobile Banking Training draws on real world experiences for effective insight. This experience is drawn from an experienced Mobile Expert and former head of Mobile Banking. Through the course, this information will show how to prepare for the opportunities and threats ahead, including:

  • How to create ‘sticky’ mobile experiences and make actionable decisions from customer data
  • How to gain market insights into user behavior for maximum impact and design for continuous improvement
  • ‘Don’t Make Me Think’, and other key principles of mobile UX design
  • Understanding the benefits of Design Thinking and how Design Thinking can boost creativity and break down barriers
  •  How to Apply Design Thinking techniques when starting a new product or service
  • How mobile networks work, and why it’s is important to understand which opportunities banks may be missing. A look at the market to illustrate why cross-selling, up-selling and value-added services is the future
  • Learn the lessons from mobile-only banks, in this Mobile Banking Training course including Who is getting it right

Course Objectives:

  • What your Mobile Banking Customers really want
  • The impact of the ‘millennial generation’ on Digital Banking Trends
  • The future of mobile banking as the dominant retail-banking service
  • Customer relationships and engagement preferences and their impact on the future of retail banking
  • Mobile-only banks – Who is getting it right?
  • Mobile Banking Technology, Mobile Commerce Apps & Mobile Payment Systems
  • Digital Transformation Examples, Case Studies, and Best Practices
  •  Interesting uses of the latest Mobile Technology, a look at ‘Bots, AI & Mobile, Biometric Security, I Beacon and Bluetooth
  • Emerging opportunities for Banks with interesting Digital Technologies;
  • Bank Innovation and threats from non-bank Mobile offerings; Apple Pay, Facebook & other non-bank competitors Online Payment Platforms
  • Taking Mobile beyond Cards, Accounts & Lending
  • Cross-selling, upselling & Value-Added Services; Creating ‘sticky’ Mobile User Experiences using Digital Wallets, Cards & Mobile Payment Solutions;
  • How to think like a Mobile Network Operator, Brand, Loyalty & Offering;
  • Understanding customer psychology and selecting target markets
  • The Digital Customer Journey – How to achieve excellence in experience delivery; 
    Native vs HTML and Responsive /adaptive/ Apps Devices, Coverage experience; Tablets, Phones, Apps, Stores and Wi-Fi & GSM & User Experience
  • SMS, USSD & WAP – Why they are still relevant
  • What are the obstacles in collaborating with Mobile Networks, FinTech & Banks.

Who Should Attend:

  • Digital, Mobile Heads & Leaders
  • Retail Banking Leaders, Head of Mobile
  • Digital & Electronic Chanel Managers
  • The ‘C’ suite, Executives, Directors, VP’s, & EVP’s
  • Retail & Electronic banking leadership
  • Innovation Experts, Project Managers & SME’s
  • Strategy, Risk, HR Executives & Managers

Course Outline:


  • What Is Mobile Banking
  • Building A Business Case For Bank Innovation 
  • Latest Mobile Banking Technologies 
  • Gathering Momentum


  • What Do Mobile Banking Technology Customers Want 
  • Apps, Web & Mobile User Experience & Design Thinking
  •  How Mobile Networks Work & Why They Are Important 
  •  Secure Mobile Banking.


  • Mobile Banking Launch Strategies 
  • Managing & Influencing Customer Conversations 
  • People, Influence & Change best Mobile Banking Practices
  • Keep Up With The Latest Mobile Technology 

End of the workshop


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