Negotiation and Conflict
Management in Organizations.

Developing a Critical Skill Capacity,
Cornerstone of High Performance.

07 – 10 November 2023
Johannesburg South Africa

Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

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Course overview:


One thing that makes highly effective individuals different from everyone else is their ability to think, plan and act strategically when they negotiate and manage conflict. Indeed, strategic management and leadership best practice consistently identifies highly effective negotiation and conflict management skills as crucial for both personal and organisational high performance and success.

This hands-on training course on Negotiation & Conflict Management in Organisations provides an insightful and illuminating strategic analysis of negotiation and then details highly effective practical negotiation and conflict management strategies and tactics that drive successful outcomes. Delegates will leave this training course with a richer and deeper understanding of the way they negotiate and manage conflict and will have significantly improved their practical ability to control and add value through the negotiation and conflict management processes across a range of scenarios and contexts.

In this course you will:

    • Gain valuable insight into your own natural negotiation and conflict management style
    • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of negotiation and conflict management through a detailed analysis of the processes
    • Learn to formulate an effective negotiation strategy in a range of contexts and scenarios
    • Learn how to apply highly effective practical negotiation strategies and tactics in a range of situations
    • Enhance your ability to deal with difficult people and add value through the negotiation and conflict management processes
    • Build on your existing experience and skill to become highly effective negotiators and conflict managers

Course Objectives:

The aim of this training course is to develop and enhance your practical skills that will allow you to:

    • Adapt your negotiation and conflict management skills building on your own personal strengths and weaknesses
    • Control the negotiation process more effectively by developing an in-depth understand of the key elements of the process
    • Improve your confidence to better deal with difficult negotiators and achieve collaborative value adding results
    • Expand your range of available negotiating strategies and tactics and your ability to use them effectively
    • Plan easily and effectively for every negotiation using a highly effective strategic preparation template
    • Mediate your own disputes and negotiations and become a more skilled and effective negotiator and conflict manager

Targeted Audience:

This training course will highly benefit:

    • Ambitious Professionals
    • Office Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Management Teams
    • Team Members
    • Administrators and anyone who wish to enhance their negotiation skills and make negotiation a more rewarding and effective part of their job

Course Outline:

Breaking Down the Negotiation Process

    • The Fundamental Requirements of Negotiation
    • Power Dispersal and the Development of Negotiation Theory
    • Causes of Organisational Conflict
    • Conflict Escalation and Steps to Prevent It
    • Managing Conflict – The Five Primary Strategies
    • The Dichotomy of Negotiation – Competing and Cooperating
    • Gaining Personal Insight – Negotiation Style Assessment
    • Negotiation as a Mixed Motive Process

Implementing Practical Negotiation Strategies

    • Effective Practical Negotiation Strategies
    • Competitive Value Claiming Negotiation Strategies – Cutting the Pie
    • BATNA, Reserve Point, Target Point
    • Opening Offers, Anchors, Concessions
    • Cooperative Value Creating Negotiation Strategies – Baking a Bigger Pie
    • Identify Interests, Information, Diagnostic Questions & Unbundling Issues
    • Package Deals, Multiple Offers and Post-settlement Settlements
    • Categorising Negotiation Outcomes

Preparation Templates, Sources of Power & Key Mediation Techniques

    • Preparation Template – Planning to Negotiate
    • Internal & External Preparation, Synthesis and Situation Assessment
    • Identifying and Leveraging Negotiating Power
    • Mediation in Context – Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation
    • Mediation as a Facilitated Negotiation
    • Practical Mediation Techniques to Resolve Disputes
    • Dealing with Confrontational Negotiators

Communicating to Maximise Negotiation Effectiveness

    • Communication Style – Packaging Information for Maximum Influence
    • Active Listening Skills in Negotiation
    • Communicating through Body Language
    • Interpreting Body Language and Nonverbal Behaviour
    • Communicating within Negotiation Teams
    • Improving Negotiation Team Performance
    • Ethics and Negotiation

International and Cross Cultural Complexities

    • What is culture and how does it affect negotiating norms?
    • Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
    • Advice for Cross Cultural Negotiations
    • Unique Features of International Agreements
    • Building a Deal – What to Remember?
    • Applying Learning to a Range of Organisational Situations
    • Summary – Building a Better Negotiating Organisation

End of the workshop


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