Power System Protection Testing
with the OMICRON Test Universe

13 - 17 May 2024
Sandton Centre Johannesburg South Africa

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Course overview:

Learn how to efficiently test overcurrent, distance and transformer differential relays with the OMICRON Test Universe. Get familiar with the test procedure in hands-on and theoretical sessions. Work with special test set-ups that simulate the substation in the classroom.

Course Objectives:

    • Performing commissioning, trouble-shooting and periodic tests of protection relays
    • Testing overcurrent, distance and transformer differential relays with the OMICRON Test Universe
    • Creating and modifying automated test plans and customized test reports
    • Using the OMICRON Test Universe from scratch


    • Quick current and voltage output for easy wiring tests
    • Configuration of the test object parameters and the test hardware
    • Creating test plans which adapt automatically to newly entered relay settings
    • Creating a flexible test plan for overcurrent relays including testing pick-up values and trip times
    • Hands-on testing of the overcurrent protection function
    • Creating a flexible test plan for distance relays including testing the trip times and zone reaches as well as switch on to fault (manual close) and auto-reclosing
    • Hands-on testing of distance relays
    • Creating a flexible test plan for transformer differential relays including testing the stability during external faults, the tripping characteristic, the trip times and the harmonic restraints
    • Hands-on testing of transformer differential relays

Targeted Audience:

Technical staff from utilities transmission and distribution networks, railway grids, service companies and manufacturers involved in protection testing

Course Outline:

Session 1

    • Introduction
    • Testing Philosophy
    • CMC Hardware Overview
    • Test Universe Start Page
    • Creating a new test plan
    • How to use the QuickCMC test module

Session 2

    • Overcurrent protection and fault types
    • How to use the Overcurrent test module
    • Hands-on Exercise 
    • Reclosing logic and protection overview
    • How to use the State Sequencer test module
    • Hands-on Exercise 
    • Underfrequency, Undervoltage and other elements
    • How to use the Ramping tool
    • Hands-on Exercise

Session 3

    • Distance Protection Overview
    • How to use the Advanced Distance test module
    • Hands-on Exercise
    • Differential Protection Overview
    • How to use the Advanced Differential test modules
    • Hands-on Exercise

Session 4

    •  XRIO Basics
    • How to make a test plan adaptable to relay settings
    • How to use the Protection Testing Library
    • General tips for making the most efficient test plans
    •  Open time for other topics (End-to-End, 61850, Meter Testing, etc.)

End of the workshop


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