Public Debt Management:

Manage Costs and Risks Within
a Sound Macro and Fiscal Framework

21 – 24 March 2023
Golden Tulip City Center Hotel
Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

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Course overview:

As the global economy comes to terms with the impact of the global financial crash, the threat of a new debt crisis has taken centre stage. This is compounded by the fact that borrowing has rapidly increased as countries seek to boost investment in infrastructure to support their objectives under the SDGs.

New borrowing sources include Eurobonds and emerging creditors such as China. Analysts have warned that global debt has reached an “all time high” as more countries than ever are in danger of slipping into a major debt crisis. Governments need to address these challenges in order to manage costs and risks within a sound macro and fiscal framework.

This course will take participants through the fundamental principles of public debt management, taking current developments into account, and will equip them with the latest tools and techniques to manage their debt portfolios effectively.

Course Objectives:

On completion, you will be able to:

    • Understand the scope of public debt management and its linkages with fiscal and monetary policy
    • Understand debt concepts and the role of domestic financial markets
    • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of debt management operations in your country
    • Apply concepts of cost and risk to your public debt portfolio to manage both in line with your country’s debt management objectives
    • Create a sound debt management strategy based on a portfolio review and a good understanding of the objectives for debt management
    • Appreciate the impact on public debt management of emerging lenders and lending arrangements

Targeted Audience:

Participants of this course should represent a wide range of personnel in the organization who are in the following capacities.

    • Officials from government institutions and ministries
    • Loan and credit office
    • General managers,
    • Risk manager’s financial managers
    • Internal and external auditors
    • Government auditors
    • Accountants

Key Topics:

    • Fundamental debt concepts and techniques
    • Global financial flows and different financing options
    • Debt management, monetary and fiscal policy linkages
    • Legal and institutional arrangements
    • Debt strategy formulation
    • Guarantees and continent liabilities
    • Internal and external audit
    • Analyzing and reporting on the debt portfolio
    • Risk management
    • Debt and cash management
    • New challenges in bond issuance
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Emerging lenders

End of the workshop


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