Risk-Based Combined Assurance
and the New Normal.

01 - 04 March 2022
Sandton Centre, Johannesburg South Africa

Risk-Based Combined Assurance and the New Normal.

In-house $450.00 | Online $300.00


The ‘right amount of assurance’ depends on the risk appetite of the organization. There must be an alignment of control validation/assurance approaches and efforts across the organization, driving efficiency and the right levels of comfort.
The board, senior executives, and risk executives must see eye to eye on risk priorities across the entire organization and risk landscape to ensure organizational objectives and goals are achieved.

Targeted Groups:

  • Chief Risk Officers,
  • Risk Managers,
  • Risk Champions,
  • Internal Audit/Auditors
  • Board Audit Committee and
  • Board Risk Committee Members,
  • Executive Risk Management. 
  • Governance and Compliance
  • IT, Information / Data
  • Business Continuity, Business Recovery and Crisis Management Strategy

How does it help meet organizational objectives?

Combined assurance doesn’t just provide the board and senior management with peace of mind—it can totally adjust and improve operating efficiencies within an organization by:

  • Improving reporting and accountability
  • Aligning everyone on a common risk landscape and prioritizing assurance efforts by the risks that matter most
  • Increasing the coordination of assurance providers, resulting in better planning, resource allocation, and cost reductions
  • Reducing the number of risks that could potentially be overlooked
  • Enhancing the organization’s control environment and getting the right reports to the right people at the right time
  • Increasing executive management and audit committee confidence
  • Significantly reducing operational failures and mitigating risk.
  • Assurance activities produce valuable, integrated data, based on collaboration and not silos.
  • Reduction in assurance costs through elimination of duplication and better resource allocation.

Although compliance with Standard 2050 provides a solid foundation on which to build a combined assurance framework, significant planning and effort is required to move beyond this foundational stage to unlock the significant benefits of combined assurance.

Our team is ready to work with your organization to confirm its business purpose, review current operations and create an implementable and aligned plan for immediate implementation.

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