Setting Priorities, Time Management
& Stress Reduction.

Managing Stress & Pressure at Work.

15 – 18 August 2023
Johannesburg South Africa

Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction

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Course overview:

Most people deny that they are stressed or affected by internal or external factors in the workplace.  As the cost of stress to the employer continues to grow, organizations must recognize stress in their employees and train staff and management how to manage stress productively. A recent survey showed that 1 in 5 people report their work to be very or extremely stressful, citing the nature of their work, relationships at work or their employer as the cause.

This highly interactive Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction training course will give you the tools and techniques needed to manage your time & stress proactively and effectively.

This training course will highlight:

    • How to set yourself realistic goals and objectives
    • The Importance of Planning and Prioritizing daily, weekly and monthly
    • The Role of Effective Communication in managing your day more effectively
    • Techniques to Manage Workplace Stress
    • How to manage the demands of others who want / need your time

Course Objectives:

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

    • Set yourself meaningful goals and objectives
    • Plan, prioritize and manage your time more effectively
    • Communicate positively and assertively with time stealers
    • Run more effective meetings and delegate effectively
    • Identify and reduce stress in yourself and others
    • their state of mind and achieve positive outcomes to any situation

Targeted Audience:

    • All Professionals
    • Executive Officers
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Personal Secretaries
    • Client Specialists
    • Office Clerks
    • Data Entry Clerks
    • Account Managers
    • Event Specialists
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Appraisers
    • Project Administrators
    • Medical administrative assistant
    • Legal Management Representatives
    • Communications Coordinators

Course Outline:

Managing Yourself and Your Day

    • Goal Setting – Why have goals?
    • Setting SMART objectives to achieve your goals
    • Planning and Scheduling your activities
    • Establishing Responsibilities and Priorities
    • Effective Use of Diaries, Time Planners, Time Logs, etc.
    • Criteria for Prioritizing using the Urgent and Important Model
    • My Perfect Day – When are you at your best?

Personal Time Management Styles and Communication

    • Your Time Management Style – Productive or Obstructive?
    • Highlighting Personal ‘time-stealers’ and Areas for Development
    • Procrastination – The Stealer of Time
    • Dealing with Interruptions and Distractions – Staying Focused
    • Communication Styles and How to Use Positive Communication to Aid Productivity
    • Empowerment Techniques – Learning when to push back using the WISH model

Effective Meetings and Delegation

    • Meeting Preparation – What tools do you need?
    • Managing the Meeting – time-keeper, note taker, chairperson
    • Tips and Techniques for Effective Meetings
    • What does effective delegation look like?
    • Styles of Management that Aid and Hinder Delegation
    • How to delegate successfully?
    • Understanding How people learn
    • The Use of Feedback in the Delegation Process

Understanding Workplace Stress and its Causes

    • What is Stress?
    • What contributes to Workplace Stress? – The top ten causes
    • The Impact of Stress on Personal Performance – The Positive and Negative Effects of Stress
    • Recognizing the Signs of Stress in ourselves and others
    • Tips and Techniques for Managing Stress
    • Maintaining an Effective balance between Home and Work

Managing Workplace Stress through Behavior and Communication

    • Understanding Behavior Types: Passive, Aggressive, Passive Aggressive and Assertive
    • How our thought process affects our behavior?
    • Developing Self-assertiveness to achieve greater control over Stress
    • Conflict Management – common cause of stress
    • Analysis of Individual conflict Management Styles
    • Using Emotional Intelligence to Manage Stress and Conflict Situations

End of the workshop


While both In-House and Online training can present with cost-effectiveness and time-efficacy, there are some very specific differences between in-house courses and those based online.
The demand for additional courses by individuals or groups of people is increasing. Still, it depends entirely on the preferences of a person what type of training he or she wants to receive. Online courses and in-house training carry some similarities but they are considered to exhibit some very pivotal differences too. Despite that, both types of learning can be really beneficial for attendees.

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