Strategic Execution:
Turning Strategy into Action and Results

19-23 June 2023
Sandton Johannesburg South Africa

Strategic Execution

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Course overview:

Implementation skills are essential throughout the organisation within middle as well as senior management ranks. The fast-evolving national, international and global environment continues to pressure organisations and their managers to constantly increase their performance. The Programme provides participants with a number of concepts and frameworks that will enable them to critically evaluate the approach of organisations in different business sectors to strategic planning and execution.

The Strategic Execution Programme has been specifically designed to equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and understanding to implement strategic plans. The emphasis of this Management & Leadership training course is on putting strategies into action, which includes designing, delivering and supporting products; improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and control systems and culture.

The training will feature:

    • The unique and important role of mid-level and senior managers in strategic planning and execution
    • Resource allocation, strategic planning, development and control
    • Corporate performance, governance and business ethics
    • Government, public sector and not-for-profit strategies
    • Managing strategic change

Course Objectives:

    • Develop a broad knowledge and critical understanding of the role of the strategic management function within organisations
    • Define and to clarify the concepts of “strategic plans”, “strategy implementation” and “change management”
    • Gain the knowledge to be able to appreciate the main methods used to formulate and implement strategy
    • Use acquired knowledge to review organisation practice against given theoretical models and provide considered responses to given problems
    • Evaluate new concepts in this area and be able to illustrate essential understanding through application

Targeted Audience:

The Strategic Execution Programme is suitable to a wide range of professionals and mid-level or senior managers working for a private or public organisation aiming to improve his/her knowledge of designing and implementing world-class strategies.

Course Outline:


The Dynamics of Strategy Development, Building a Cohesive Corporate Strategy

    • The Dynamics of Purpose
    • The Dynamics of Resource Development
    • The Dynamics of Environmental Development


Resource Allocation, Strategic Planning and Control

    • Objectives, Task Setting and Communicating Strategy
    • Resource Allocation
    • Strategic Planning
    • Information, Monitoring and Control


Corporate Performance, Governance and Business Ethics

    • Stakeholders and Corporate Performance
    • Agency Theory
    • Governance Mechanisms
    • Ethics and Strategy


Government, Public Sector and Not-For-Profit Strategies

    • Examining the Environment in Public Sector Strategy
    • Analysing Resources in the Public and Non-profit Sectors
    • Describing the Purpose of Public and Not-for-Profit Organisations
    • Context, Content and Implementation in Public Sector Strategy


Managing Strategic Change

    • Causes of Change
    • Prescriptive Approaches to Managing Strategic Change
    • Emergent Approaches to Managing Change
    • Developing a Strategic Change Programme

End of the workshop


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