Strategic Planning Using the Balanced
Scorecard-Turning Strategy into Reality.

22 – 25 August 2023
Johannesburg South Africa

Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard-Turning Strategy into Reality

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Course overview:

The Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard training helps organizations to put strategy at the heart of everything they do. By translating strategy into a balanced set of objectives – covering Finance, Customer, Internal Processes and People – the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ approach enables organizations to turn their strategies into operational reality. Clear measures and targets allow leaders to steer their organization towards its long-term goals, and engages managers and staff to contribute more fully to its success.

The Balance Scorecard focuses all resources on achieving the strategy; employees are empowered to develop and perform, internal processes are enhanced to deliver what customers want, and of all this lead ultimately to financial success.

The training will highlight:

    • Operationalizing strategy to improve organization performance
    • Integrating the Balanced Scorecard to become the nerve-center of the organization
    • Engaging and empowering all employees to deliver the strategy
    • Putting customer service at the heart of operations
    • Enabling leaders to measure and monitor progress towards strategic objectives on a daily basis using the latest web-based technology

Course Objectives:

At the end of this  course, you will learn to:

    • Build a Balanced Scorecard from scratch, based on your organization’s strategy
    • Overcome obstacles to implementing a Balanced Scorecard in practice
    • Translate strategy into tangible results to be measured and monitored
    • Align people and resources to focus on achieving the strategy
    • Adjust and enhance strategy in line with a changing environment

Targeted Audience:

The Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard training seminar will benefit those who need to understand and enhance the part they play in delivering their organizations strategy. It is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

    • Executives
    • Office Managers
    • Senior Office Administrators
    • Managers with responsibility for creating or managing a Balanced Scorecard
    • Financial Officers and Controllers
    • Process Managers
    • Strategic Planning Managers

Course Outline:

Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

    • Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard
    • Benefits of the Balanced Scorecard
    • Beginning with a Vision
    • The Financial, Customer, Process Perspectives in Detail
    • Strategy Maps and Strategic Themes
    • Lag and Lead Measures / KPIs
    • Constructing a Strategy Map

Understanding Strategy

    • The Balanced Scorecard Development Process
    • Understanding Organizational Strategy
    • Exploring the Strategies of Participants’ Own Organizations
    • Creating a Strategy-centric Organisation
    • Engaging the Leadership Team

Building Strategy Maps

    • The Learning & Growth Perspective in Detail
    • Creating a Climate for Action
    • Creating Strategy Maps for Participants Own Organisations
    • Strategic Measures / KPIs
    • Linking Strategy and Business Planning

Building a Complete Balanced Scorecard

    • Strategic Targets
    • Mapping Strategic Initiatives
    • Monitoring and reviewing the Balanced Scorecard using the latest web-based technology
    • Completing the Balanced Scorecard for Participants’ Own Organizations
    • Planning for Implementation
    • Cascading the Balanced Scorecard Across an Organization

Pulling It All Together

    • Reviewing and Enhancing Participants’ Balanced Scorecards
    • Identify Potential Pitfalls and Barriers to Implementation
    • Gaining Buy-in and Ownership for the Balanced Scorecard
    • Top Tips for Successful Creation and Implementation of a Balanced Scorecard
    • Making a Personal Plan of Action based on the Training Seminar

End of the workshop


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