The Influential Leader:

Self-understanding, Building
Relationships And Leading Organizations.

17 – 20 October 2023
Johannesburg South Africa

The Influential Leader

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Course overview:

Any successful leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to build strong, powerful relationships with clients and individuals to leverage business success. This   training course entitled,

The Influential Leader will focus on the prime competencies of self-awareness, as well as the ability to influence in order to form strong professional relationships to help drive sustainable business growth. Understanding and practicing these key competencies will help to develop your professional leadership and improve your standing as an influential leader who also inspires others.

This   training course will highlight:

    • The Importance of Leadership and how this differs from traditional management techniques
    • The Knowledge and Techniques in order to improve your leadership self-awareness
    • The Importance of Networking and using key interpersonal skills in building business relationships
    • The Key to setting vision and direction for people and the organisation
    • Strategic Leadership for the wider organisational growth

Course Objectives:

At the end of this  course, you will learn to:

    • Describe the differences in leadership and management and be aware of your own self-understanding
    • Understand your own self-imposed limits, growing your self-understanding and how to overcome issues arising from this knowledge
    • Apply techniques to grow your own self-understanding to improve your engagement with others
    • Utilize influencing techniques to build and form strong business relationships
    • Understand how to lead the organisation by providing strategic direction and vision

Targeted Audience:

This   training course is suitable to a wide range of leadership professionals but will also greatly benefit:

    • Senior Managers
    • Middle Managers
    • Executive Officers
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Personal Secretaries
    • Client Specialists
    • Office Clerks
    • Data Entry Clerks
    • Account Managers
    • Event Specialists
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Appraisers
    • Project Administrators
    • Medical administrative assistant
    • Legal Management Representatives
    • Communications Coordinators
    • Identified Leadership Talent and High Potential Personnel

Course Outline:

Leadership: Self-Awareness to Growth

    • Defining Leadership
    • Competencies of Great Leaders
    • Leadership Styles, Attributes and Qualities
    • VUCA Leadership: The New Normal
    • Personal Power and Emotional Intelligence
    • Self-understanding to SWOT
    • Leadership Assessment

Leading through Positive Interaction and Influence

    • Developing Positive Inspirational Leadership
    • Psychology of Personal Interaction and Motivation
    • Key Interpersonal and Engagement Techniques
    • Influencing Skills and Methods
    • Social Networking – How to work the room?
    • The Art of Social Negotiation

Client Relationship Building

    • Defining Your Key Clients and Customers
    • 5 Key Fundamentals of Lasting Client Building
    • Networking and Business Influence
    • Social Media and Business Communication to Build Relationships
    • Developing Long-term Partnerships through Trust and Integrity

Leadership for Sustainable Growth

    • Creating an Environment for Growth
    • Forming Vision and Values
    • Defining Organisational Aims, Goals, and Targets
    • Developing and Cascading Clear Business Objectives
    • Communicating the Message as a Leader

Leading Organisational Success

    • Leading through Change
    • Strategic and Future Planning
    • Organisational Planning: Succession Planning for a sustainable future
    • Celebrating Organisational Success
    • Next Steps

End of the workshop


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The demand for additional courses by individuals or groups of people is increasing. Still, it depends entirely on the preferences of a person what type of training he or she wants to receive. Online courses and in-house training carry some similarities but they are considered to exhibit some very pivotal differences too. Despite that, both types of learning can be really beneficial for attendees.

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