Digital Transformation Strategy & Leadership Workshop

Helping leaders prepare to take on larger digital transformation roles


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Course Overview

Smart business leaders are waking up to the fact that they need to get digital transformation “right” for their very survival. The widespread adoption of technology, rapidly changing consumer behavior, and innovation-triggered disruptions are making digital transformation a must-have for businesses.

 In order to adapt and thrive, organizations need leaders who can think strategically and harness each wave of digital change to create new value for customers and new opportunities for their business.

BMK training Digital Business Leadership Program is an intensive, three day program that prepares global executives to innovate new strategies and business models and lead their organizations to thrive in the digital age.

This workshop it is an exceptional way to:

  • Develop skills, tools, and frameworks to lead the digital transformation in your organizations.
  • Learn strategic principles of digital business models,
  • Startup method for rapid innovation, marketing in the digital age, innovation and technology shifts impacting businesses, cutting-edge insights on data analytics and disruptive business models.
  • Develop leadership abilities to lead digital transformation in your respective organizations
  • Apply the principles of lean innovation to a real-world business challenge through team project work, guided by expert
  • Develop a strategic plan for driving digital transformation in your own organization
  • Learn Why Digital Transformations Fail
  • Ensure your workforce is equipped with the appropriate skills, how to manage employee risk and how to educate your employees to deal with the new realities of cybercrime
  • Appreciate the full array of risks associated with cyber-crime and get acquainted with the cyber-attack techniques for systemic risk 
  • Determine how to make the best possible adjustments to your systems and operations
  • Develop skills, tools, and frameworks to lead the digital transformation in your organizations.

Targeted Audience

  • Business Development Manager
  • Chief Distribution Officer
  • Chief Global Retail Officer
  • Digital Acceleration Director
  • Lead, Digital Strategy and Analytics
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Director
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Executive Chairman
  • Finance Director
  • General Manager
  • Group Marketing Head
  • Head, Analytics and Digital Initiatives
  • Head Dev Ops and Cloud Programme
  • Head Digital Business
  • Managing Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development
  • Corporate Strategy and M&A

Course Outline

Background and Introductions

  • What is digital and why is it important?
  • Objectives
    • What does digital transformation mean?
    • What kind of challenges exist in digital transformation?
    • How can enterprises tackle the challenges in digital transformation?

Why Digital Transformations Fail

Digital Strategy

  • The 5 domains of digital transformation
  • Platforms, coopetition, and multi-sided business models
  • From mass marketing to customer networks
  • Disruptive business models and asymmetric competition
  • Decoding artificial intelligence: from science fiction to business application

Rapid Innovation

  • Innovating through experimentation and minimum viable prototypes
  • Lean Startup: the customer development method to search for business models
  • Value proposition design and jobs-to-be-done theory
  • Building an opportunity portfolio
  • Translating the Lean Startup to enterprise scale innovation

Organizational Transformation

  • Leading organizational change
  • Data-driven decision making and quantitative intuition
  • Building data as a strategic asset in your business
  • Surviving disruption: incumbent responses to a disruptive challenger
  • The value proposition roadmap: a customer-centric tool for rapid change
  • Digital transformation in the enterprise

Challenges in Digital Transformation – Business, Technology and Digital Strategy

  • What the data indicates
  • Successful companies and why?
  • Business strategy and IT
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Challenges in Achieving Business-IT Alignment
  • Integrating Business, Technology and Digital Strategies
  • Addressing the Challenges of Digital Transformation
  • Measuring returns – Digital Innovation and the impact on Business Transformation

Cyber security: dealing with cyber and denial of service attacks

  • An overview of the current cyber threat landscape
  • Differentiation of types of attacks; phishing, DDoS etc.
  • Assessment of how IT defences have stood up in recent attacks
  • Evaluation of information security strategies

Cyber Network Defence

  • How to continuously improve the enterprise process for defending IT assets
  • How investigations are based upon the scientific method to focus activities
  • How to empower people to resolve the problem with guidance and mentoring
  • Social engineering: How the “weak human link” can become the organisation’s greatest strength
  • The four components of the cyber preparedness continuum
  • Coordination
  • Information sharing
  • Planning and readiness
  • Continuous Improvement

Up skilling your Workforce in Preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Ensuring your organisation has upskilling programs that fit into your culture
  • Real life examples and applications from diverse industries
  • Finding the best retraining programs to engage and re-energise your personnel
  • Enhancing productivity through digital upskilling• Creating Personalized Learning Path

Learn the critical steps to make your digital transformation successful

  • The major drivers of digital transformation failure
  • How to create an effective digital transformation plan
  • How to get back on track when your initiative is struggling

Whilst BMK Training has core courses which we offer on an international basis to both companies and individuals, we also recognise that from time to time, your company may have specific training requirements that cannot be satisfied in a public training environment.

We can bring our Training/workshops directly to your workplace or we will customize training to meet your specific needs ensuring effectiveness in achieving real performance improvement.
If you have 8 or more delegates then, in house training can be of a greater advantage for your organization.

Advantages of in-house training include:

  • Cost savings up to 50% of the training expenses with more effective group training.
  • Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues as trainers will usually sign confidentiality agreements.
  • In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another
  • Training is fully-customized for any team, department, or organization

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